President’s Message

As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, the Hong Kong Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry is stronger than it has ever been. I am extremely proud that we have evolved into a collaborative and visionary industry organization – a genuine strategic partnership dedicated to our mission of driving expedient access to innovative healthcare solutions for the people of Hong Kong and Macau with high ethical standards.

That mission has evolved over the years, but it still follows the fundamental pharmaceutical industry philosophy that “medicine is for the people.” The Association fully supports the integrated, people-centred approach to health services which was adopted by the WHO’s World Health Assembly in 2016.

Comprising over 40 full members, all of whom are multinational pharmaceutical companies, the Association has been working with government and professional associations, academia and patient groups to make a difference for patients. We have pressed forward with an agenda to build a stronger healthcare ecosystem in Hong Kong and Macau. The goal is to ensure a unified approach to enhancing the healthcare system, make sure that patients have expedited access to innovative healthcare solutions, and develop Hong Kong and Macau into a centre of scientific research and excellence.

Although Hong Kong’s healthcare system has made a lot of progress in the last five decades, and rivals many developed countries around the world, this is not the time to stand still. The task of improving and enhancing healthcare is an ever-changing one. And, HKAPI is dedicated to doing what is needed to make Hong Kong and Macau a benchmark in healthcare service delivery – during the next 50 years and beyond.

Andy Barnett
President (2016-2018)

Caroline Johnson
President (2018-2020)